Evo-Stik Trade Decorators Caulk 280ml


Preparation is the key to achieving high-quality results so choose this fast-drying caulk to fill fine gaps and cracks when decorating. It’s suitable for use in internal spaces and you can sand it back once it’s dry to achieve a seamless, smooth and fully paintable finish. Use it in gaps that don’t expand and contract much, such as around doors and windows, skirting boards, coving and plasterboard.

This water-based caulk, flexible fine crack filler and sealant is quick-drying and can be tooled during the first 20 minutes. You only need to wait an hour before painting or papering over it, which helps you use your time efficiently. It can be used in temperatures ranging from +5°C to +40°C so conditions shouldn’t slow your progress.

• Can be sanded when dry

• Paintable in 1 hour with most paint types or covered with wallpaper

• Flexible fine crack filler

• Ideal for sealing skirting boards, windows or door frames

• Store in temperatures from +5°C to +25°C and keep cool, dry and free from frost

• Skin dry in 15 – 60 minutes dependent on thickness, ambient temperature and humidity

• Fully dry in 1 – 24 hours

• Interior use



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