Prodec Extra Strong Caulking Gun Up to 400ml


• For 310ml and 400ml cartridges
• Strong and robust

The Prodec Extra Strong Caulking Gun is an essential piece of kit for anyone applying sealant. Whether it’s a silicone trim in the bathroom or a window seal outdoors, you’re assured of reliable and precise application with it.

This toolkit staple will be ready to go anytime you need it, thanks to its robust and reliable metal frame, spring and trigger. The applicator’s action forces the product out from the bottom of the tube, so it is ideal if you don’t need the whole tube for your job. Plus, the leftover material isn’t wasted – all you need to do is seal the tube to use it again later. This Prodec model takes up to 400ml cartridges.

• Reliable performance

• Strong and robust

• For cartridges up to 400ml

• Save wastage


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