Prodec Synthetic Paintbrush Set 12 Piece


Make your life easier with this 12 piece synthetic paintbrush set. You can use these brushes with both oil and water based paints. They’re most suitable for emulsion and water based gloss or satin finishes as the synthetic filaments pick up and release paint easily and smoothly.

These brushes are light to handle, easy to clean and they maintain a nice suppleness, ensuring you’ll be able to use them over and over. The pack contains a range of widths, so whether you’re painting larger surfaces or dealing with fiddly areas like mouldings and window surrounds, you’ll find the right brush for the job.

• High quality paint brush set

• 100% synthetic filaments for easy pick up and release of paint

• Optimum mix of brush sizes

• Suitable for most paint types and painting tasks

• Brush sizes include 2 x 1″, 5 x 1.5″, 4 x 2″ and 1 x 3″



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